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For women in Sweden, with similar examples of women’s situation in trade around the world for the last couple of years, not much has changed. In fact, covid-19 efforts even decreased abilities to participate in trade for women in some countries. Every year BPW arranges Equal Pay Day. Equal Pay Day marks the day women start getting paid at work, in comparison to men. In Sweden that day is in March, that’s right: currently you are working for free. Women earn 72% less than men in their lifetime. And nothing has changed in 15 years. The amount of business created by women has decreased by 5%, from 32% to 27%. This must change. Despite lots of talk in recent years, we are as far away from equality in trade now as 15 years ago.

Anousch der Boghossian is the Head of Trade and Gender at WTO. BPW Stockholm has invited Anoush to discuss the situation for women in international trade. Can WTO help make a change for women? What are WTO’s ambitions and new initiatives?

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