BPW Spain:  on March 12 at 2.30pm, at the Church Center for the United Nations ( second floor)  on the theme Women’s Future, Empowerment by sustainable development

BPW Italy:  on March 14 at 9,30 am (to 11.00) at Italian Mission   on the theme “Social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls” –      Sustainability, Working and Economic Growth for Gender Equality.

Galway, Irland 24 – 26 maj 2019 – 16th BPW Europe Conference

Global Summit of Women that is held in Basel on July 4 – 6 / 2019. Läs mer här https://globewomen.org/globalsummit/

BPW Turkey Symposium held in December 21st 2019 , in Istanbul in collaboration with Adana and Ankara Clubs. If anyone would attend our event during the Christmas season, we will very much appreciate that. Contactperson; seldabpw@gmail.com